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Goat Yoga in Los Angeles

Join us at Laughing Frog Yoga for one of the first ever Goat Yoga classes held in Los Angeles!  We are the only yoga studio in Los Angeles currently offering Goat Yoga classes and our two baby dwarf goat friends will ensure this is a yoga class to remember!  Not sure what to expect? Watch our featured videos on Fox11 Good Day LA , LATV, &  Clevver Style!  

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New Dates Added:


Saturday, December 9th, 6pm – 3 Tickets left! 
Sunday, December 17th, 3pm – 19 Tickets left! Buy Tickets Here (Be sure to scroll down to the appropriate date/time and hit the “Sign Up” button. Please call us to reserve for larger groups)

Tickets are selling out super fast and we are now booking spots for December. Get them while you can before our baby goats grow too big and retire!

For media inquires, please download our press kit here.  

Sunday, July 9 2017 – 1:30pm: Sold Out!
Sunday, July 23 2017: Sold Out!
Saturday, August 19th 4pm 2017: Sold Out! 
Sunday, August 20 2017  – 3pm: Sold Out!
Sunday, August 27 2017 – 1:30pm: Sold Out!
Saturday, Sept 2nd 4pm:  Sold Out!
Sunday, September 10 2017 – 3pm: Sold Out!
Sunday, Sept 17th: 2:30pm: Sold Out!
Saturday, Sept 23rd: 4pm: Sold Out!
Saturday, Sept 30th, 4pm: Sold Out!
Sunday, October 8th, 2:30pm: Sold Out!
Saturday, October 14th, 4pm: Sold Out!
Saturday, October 14th, 6pm: Sold Out!
Sunday, October 22nd, 2:30pm: Sold Out!
Sunday, October 29th, 2:30pm: Sold Out!
Sunday, November 12th, 1pm: Sold Out!
Sunday, November 12, 3pm: Sold Out!
Sunday, November 19, 1pm: Sold Out!
Sunday, November 19, 3pm: Sold Out!
Saturday, November 25th, 4pm: Sold Out!
Saturday, November 25th, 6pm: Sold Out!
Saturday, December 9th, 4pm: Sold Out!
Learn more about our goats at PartyGoats.com and Hello Critter’s Facebook page