Welcome to Laughing Frog, and thanks for stopping by to check us out!  If you have questions about the studio, chances are you’ll find an answer here.  Otherwise, feel free to call or e-mail us and we’ll be happy to provide you with more info.  Cheers!

What kind of yoga classes do you offer?

Laughing Frog Yoga is proud to offer a variety of different classes for all, including Live Music Yoga, Deep Stretch Yoga with Massage, Vinyasa Flow, Beginners Yoga, Goat Yoga (for real!), Puppy Yoga, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Breathwork, Soundbaths,Meditation and more!  For more info, be sure to checkout our Class Schedule and Class Suggestions pages.


I am new to yoga – what classes do you recommend for beginners?

  • Yoga Foundations: Back to Basics (every Saturday at 1:30pm, Wednesday at 9pm, and Sunday’s at 10:30am) are our best class for beginners.  They are smaller yoga classes so you will got lots of personal attention.  Classes move at a slower pace and poses are explained explained in detail so you can start off your yoga journey feeling safe and confident. 
  • Candlelight Yin (Mondays at 9pm, Fridays at 7:30pm), Restorative Yoga (Sundays at 6pm), & Deep Stretch Flow (Thursdays at 8:15pm, and Saturday’s at 10:30am – are also great yoga classes for beginners, as they are on the gentler side and are quite easy to follow along.  
  • Be sure to checkout our class suggestions page if you haven’t already!
  • We are one of the only studio’s offering beginners yoga classes in Santa Monica/Brentwood/West LA

Do you offer specials for new students?

Yes!  As a new student, you can try your First 21 Days of Unlimited Yoga for only $39.  This is a great way to try out the yoga studio and experience different teachers and classes.   After your intro month, if you’d like to continue with unlimited yoga, we’ve got your covered with our our Flexible Frog Membership. It includes unlimited yoga for only $89/month – the best price of any yoga studio in the Brentwood, West LA, or Santa Monica with no contract required.  Wooohooo!


What should I bring to yoga class?

We suggest you bring a yoga mat, a hair elastic, and some water with you.  You can rent mats at the studio for $2 if you don’t have one, and we also have water.  Some people like to bring towels.  Please note, our mat rental fee for Puppy Yoga &  Goat Yoga classes is $10, as goats shed, love to chew, and sometimes have accidents.  


What’s the deal with parking?

Laughing Frog Yoga offers two levels of FREE underground parking.  Hoorah!


Is there somewhere I can change my clothes?

Yup!  You can change your clothes in our restroom.


Do you offer a referral program if I tell my friends and colleagues about the yoga studio?

  • Yes!  If you refer a friend to the studio and they sign up for our Flexible Frog Membership, we will add a $50 credit to your account! Make sure they drop your name when they come in.
  • Want to practice goat yoga with your work colleagues?  Connect us with your office manager or HR/Benefits team to get the conversation started.


Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final at Laughing Frog Yoga, so please consider this before making any purchases.  We follow the golden rule and treat our members as we’d like to be treated ourselves. Unlike most studios, our yoga class packs NEVER expire, and they can also be shared/transferred to friends.


Do you rent out your studio?

Yes we do!  Our studio is often rented out for private goat yoga birthday parties, corporate events, and film shoots, private lessons, creative workshops, fundraisers and more. Our yoga studio is generally open for rentals on weekdays between 12-5pm, Saturdays after 3:30pm, and Sundays between 12pm – 5pm.  Give us a call, or shoot us an email if you’d like to chat more.


Do your classes have music?

All of our yoga classes are set to music except for Jodi’s and Etan’s classes.   


What temperature is your studio. Is this hot yoga?

We like to keep our studio around room temperature.