We are now offering Outdoor and Live Streaming Classes every single day! It’s super simple to get started and only takes a couple steps: 

1) Please pre-register on our schedule below by clicking the “Sign Up” button next to the class you’d like to attend. All classes are listed as complimentary.  No payment info is required and classes won’t debit from other packages you may have previously purchased.  

2) If you are taking a virtual class, once you have pre-registered you can access our virtual classroom by visiting our Zoom Page.  The virtual classroom will open 15 minutes before the start of class.  If it asks you for a password please enter: 905212

3) Still have questions? Want to make a donation for your class or reactivate your membership? Checkout our FAQs below — otherwise that’s it! We’ll see you soon on the Internets 😉


We’re so excited to be offering virtual-classes to our community and most importantly we want our classes to be accessible to all!  There are many ways to support the studio during this time, and we invite you to participate in whatever way works best for you.

1) Donations via Venmo: Whether you’d like to offer $5, $10, or $20 per class all donations are humbly received with gratitude.  Donations can be submitted via Venmo to @laughingfrog before or after your class.

2) Reactivating Your Membership: If you are a member of Laughing Frog and would like to support the studio by reactivating your Flexible Frog Membership please email us via our Contact Us Page In case you missed the email, all memberships were automatically suspended on March 15th when we temporarily closed the physical studio. 

3) Good Vibes Currency:  While COVID-19 may be able to impact our careers and bank accounts, we are committed to make sure it doesn’t impact your yoga practice.   All yogis are welcome to participate and we will gladly accept Good Vibes Currency which can include: sending well wishes, spreading the word to friends & family, writing reviews on Yelp or Google,  or hooking us up with some of that spare toilet paper you’ve been hoarding 😉


1) A laptop, phone, or tablet on a stable WiFi connection to join the class via Zoom

2) Your yoga mat and enough room to practice comfortably

3) If you are taking a Yin, Restorative, or Basics class you might want to keep some pillows, blankets, or blocks with you to use as props to support your body


1) Please click the class name below to view all details on location/meeting point!

2) We recommend you bring your yoga mat and some water.  Yoga props are optional

3) Per City of LA Public Health Guidelines, masks are optional during outdoor physical exercise.  

4) All classes are being offered on a Donation basis.  We accept Cash or Donations via Venmo.


1) Trouble Pre-registering for Classes: If you are having trouble signing up for classes via Mindbody on Step #1, you may skip this step and proceed directly to Step #2 and join the class via Zoom.

2) Trouble Using Zoom: Zoom is one of the most widely used teleconferencing systems and should be fairly intuitive to for anyone with a minimum level of technology proficiency.  Unfortunately we are unable to provide any kind of individual tech support if you’re having issues on your device, however Zoom has excellent support resources that should help you solve any issues you might have.

3) Connectivity Issues: Please make sure you are connecting to classes with a good quality WiFi connection.  You may experience lag and choppy video/audio quality if you connect through your Data Plan

4) Other Issues: We are always striving to improve the quality of our live-streaming classes.  If you have valuable constructive feedback please share it with us via our Contact Us Page 

Note: Please be patient while the yoga classes plugin loads – it may take a moment in some browsers!


Phew! As you can see, we’ve got quite a few yoga classes for you to enjoy! We have to warn you – it may take some time to visit each and every class on this list. Even still, it’s a worthy goal, don’t you think? If you want to try them all, consider signing up for an unlimited membership, or getting a class ten pack from our yoga class pricing page. If you’re a newbie and not sure where to dip your toe, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us with any questions you may have. We’re always standing by to help, and we’re eager to welcome you to our community in West LA! We value your suggestions, so if there’s a yoga class you’d love to see that we don’t yet offer, do feel free to let us know. We’re always looking for ways to better serve our customers!

Pssst… Have you heard of this new thing called Goat Yoga? We’re the original home of Goat Yoga in Los Angeles, and ya know, it’s kind of a big deal! WARNING: Extreme laughter and unexpected feelings of joy and peace may ensue!