Prenatal yoga Classes in Brentwood, West Los angeles, & Santa Monica

Laughing Frog Yoga is proud to offer prenatal yoga classes in Los Angeles, conveniently located to serve the Brentwood, Santa Monica, and West Los Angeles communities.

Our Prenatal yoga classes offer a welcoming, compassionate space for women at any point in their pregnancy. No prior yoga experience is needed for this restorative, relaxing and nourishing way to reduce back ache and connect with your growing baby.  We focus on pelvic breath work and lower-body stability/strengthening. All poses are safe for mother and baby, effective for labor, and assist with recovery after labor.


Wednesdays at 5pm
Saturdays at 12pm
Sundays at 12pm


1) Prenatal classes are held out our indoor yoga studio. 

2) Pre-registration is required
 to attend class.  Please reserve your spot on our schedule page

Annalisa Barrett – Prenatal Yoga Teacher Los Angeles

Currently a mother of 2 children, ages 11 and 8, Annalisa has completed her 500-hour yoga teacher training and Prenatal/Postnatal training program at Yogaworks. Additionally, she practices as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with an emphasis on clients who struggle with perinatal issues. 

Pregnancy and birth became a passion during Annalisa’s first pregnancy as she educated herself about the process of labor and delivery and armed herself with all of the information she needed to go into labor with understanding and without fear. 

As a lover of fitness, she takes the post-partum recovery period seriously and empathizes with a new mother making time to help her body heal after the extreme changes it goes through. Annalisa hopes to create a community of expectant and recovering mothers who feel safe in their bodies and empowered in their decision-making as they practice so it may carry over into their labor and recovery, regardless of the type of labor they choose.